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Ephesians 4:1-16

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Making Space for 3 Key Relationships

A Christian is Called into three Key relationships:

  • A Relationship with God through faith in Christ
  • A Relationship with other believers (The Church)
  • A Relationship with those God loves who still do not know God

Relationships take time and space in our lives.  Here are three sermons helping us look at making space for these three key relationships.

Making Space for a Relationship with God  Sermon Notes

Making Space for a Relationship with Others: Part I

Making Space for a Relationship with Others: Part II


Sermon Series from 2014 on portions of Paul's Letter to the Romans

Romans 6:12-23

Romans 7

Romans 8:12-17

Romans 8:18-27

Romans 8:28-39

Romans 9:1-13

Romans 10:5-17

Romans 11

Romans 11-12



Big Picture Bible Overview

2014 Series Giving an Over-view of the Message of the Bible.  Audio Sermons and down-loadable study guides with daily bible readings, key terms and reflection questions.

Creation and Fall Study Guide

Covenant: Abraham through Jacob Study Guide

Exodus: Law and Covenant Study Guide

Conquest and Kings Study Guide

Prophets Study Guide

Christ Study Guide

The Church Study Guide

The End Study Guide



Counterfeit gods

Sermon Series from 2014 based on Tim Keller's Book Counterfeit Gods.

Counterfeit Gods: Sex

Counterfeit Gods: Money

Counterfeit Gods: Sucess

Counterfeit Gods: Power

Counterfeit Gods: Hidden Idols/Self-reightousness