OSL Cares

Jesus established His Church so that we would experience His love in community.  He commands us to "love one another."  (see John 13:34-35) 

We have the following formal ways through which we offer the care and love of Jesus to one another.

Pastoral Care: The Pastors of OSL regularly visit home and institutionally bound members who cannot regularly gather for worship.  They make hospital visits to the sick.  They are available to offer a listening ear, biblical guidance, prayer support, private confession  and absolution, or encouragement to anyone in times of need.  Let Pastor Randall know if you will be hospitalized or if you'd like to meet with them!

Christian Marriage and Family Therapy Services

Parish Nursing

Elders: Our congregation is broken into geographic zones, with an Elder caring for each family in his zone.  Elders regularly pray for the people entrusted to them, make periodic contact with their people, and may even make visits to their people to provide care.  The Elders support the Pastors in the care of the congregation.  One Elder each Sunday is the "Elder of the Day."  He spends the morning praying for the congregation and her mission as we are gathered for worship.  The Elder of the Day will also assist with the distribution of the Lord's Supper and is available to pray with people after each worship service (and throughout the morning.)

Stephen Ministry:  "Stephen Ministry is the one-to-one lay caring ministry that takes place in congregations that use the Stephen Ministries system.   Stephen Ministry congregations equip and empower lay caregivers—called Stephen Ministers—to provide high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care to people who are hurting."  Our congregation has several trained Stephen Ministers.  If you would like this training, please contact the Church Office.  If you would like to be matched with a Stephen Minister for Care, please contact Pastor Randall.

Prayer Chain: Over 40 people regularly respond to email requests for prayer for OSL members and friends.  If you have a prayer request, please feel free to contact the Church Office.  (Please make sure you have approval to share any confidential information!)  You may also contact the Church Office if you would like to be added to the chain of people who will faithfully pray for these requests as they come in.  Send emails here.

Benevolence Fund:  We maintain a benevolence fund specifically for members of the congregation to help them in times of short-term financial hardship.  Following the model of the early church (see Acts 4:32-35), we desire that there would be no needy persons among us.  This fund has assisted members with mortgage payments, utility bills, medical bills, car repair bills, and more. 

PHAM (Physical Assistance Ministry): From time to time, members may have a need for physical assistance following hospitalization, the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, or some other circumstance.  There may be needs for meals, house cleaning, yard work, rides to appointments, and more!