Pathway to Membership

We hope you feel at home and have a sense of belonging in our community of Faith, Love, and Hope.  As we get to know each other, you will discover that we are far from perfect.  There is no perfect Church this side of the Last Day!  But we'd love to learn and grow in the Way, Truth, and Life of Jesus with you. 

Some people worship with us without making any formal commitment to membership.  You are welcome to continue to grow with us like that for as long as you need.  But we see a great value in a formal relationship with a local congregation.  There is beauty in the mutual accountability that such a relationship provides.

When you become a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church, you are making a commitment to three key relationships: God, His Church, and the world.  Together, we will learn to prioritize life around these three relationships.  This is what God created us for! Relationship!

So where are you on the journey?

  • Are you curious about the Christian Faith? 
  • Are you coming to us from another tradition in the Christian faith? 
  • Are you coming to us from another Lutheran Church-Missiouri Synod congregation?


What Now?

You've found us on the internet!  Have you met us in person?  Ideally, this is the next step.  We can't wait to meet you!  You are welcome to join us for worship. We'd also love to get to know you personally.  Feel free to contact Pastor Randall.  We can meet you for coffee, breakfast, lunch--you name it!

Here are some Next Steps:

  • Worship with us.
  • Get to know us and let us get to know you.
  • Sign up for "BASICS" (An introduction to basic Lutheran/Christian teachings)
  • Participate in "Getting to Know Our Savior"  (New member orientation seminar)

For more information about our church or membership, please contact the Church Office.