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Video Study and Discussion (US History of Race and the Church)

March 3- April 7 - When Black History and US Church History meet, it’s not always a pretty story.  Join us for a video study and discussion looking at some important realities and challenging us to consider how to move forward with the past in mind.

“As Christians, when we read the Bible, we recognize that events that happened thousands of years ago are still relevant today. We also see that Scripture never hides the ugly parts of history when it comes to the people of God. The Bible reveals David’s adultery, Jonah’s selfishness, and Peter’s failure of faith. Just as we can’t take out the parts of the Bible that we don’t like or that make us uncomfortable, we can’t celebrate the shining moments of the American church’s history and then ignore the shameful aspects of that history. We either fully acknowledge the entire history or dismiss it all. The truth about humanity’s heritage turns a mirror on our souls and pushes us to recognize who we truly are and who we are not… Through understanding our history, we can look to the world around us with new eyes and see ways we can move forward with focus and intentionality to make right what has been wrong so that justice will “roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”    Lecrae, (recording artist) from the forward of “The Color of Compromise.”

Required:  Registration for Zoom   Wednesday Evenings at 7:30pm. Starts 3/3
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Recommended: The Color of Compromise (Video Study Guide)
Recommended: Racism and the Church (CTCR Document, LC-MS)
Optional:  The Color of Compromise (book)  

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