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Lent Study of Luther's Small and Large Catechisms (2022)

Reading Schedule (Bonus Start on 3/1; Official Start on 3/2)

Weekly Zoom Discussion @ Noon on Wednesdays starting on 3/9  Register here to participate.

To read you will need access to the small and large catechisms. You can do this a few different ways. (Reading schedule above gives page numbers for three different options)

Book of Concord Reader's Edition (Misses some of assigned readings)

Book of Concord (Kolb/Wengert Edition) (Scholarly footnotes, every reading listed)

Link to online Small Catechism (Also can find as an app)  (Misses some of assigned readings)

PDF of Large Catechism (Free; Misses some assigned Readings)



Bible Study:   

  • 9:30AM Sunday Mornings  - The Power of God's Names
  • 7:00 AM Monday Mornings. Please contact Pastor Randall if you are interested. 

Women's Bible Study
Weekday Evenings (day TBD) -  Please contact Monica Tarasek for information. 

Foundations of Faith

Foundations of Faith Outlines:

Foundations of Faith Videos:

Luther's Small Catechsim