I'm New ... What Should I Expect?

What’s a Worship Service Like?

We have two different services on Sunday mornings, one at 8:15 A.M. and one at 10:30 A.M. We also offer a Saturday Evening service at 5:00 PM.  Our services include times of prayer and praise, confession, and forgiveness, hearing God’s Word, and receiving the Lord’s Supper.  

What’s the Music Like?

That answer depends on which service you attend.  Our Traditional Service is based on the hymns and liturgy of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and is led by our skilled organist.  On special services, we include other instrumentation like flute, trumpet, and strings.  Our Contemporary Service features modern-styled music featuring instruments like guitar, piano, bass, drums, and more.  In this service, you might hear music written by Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Kari Jobe, Citizens and Saints, and more.

How do People Dress?

At Our Savior, you are welcome however you are.  Some people wear jeans.  Others wear “business casual.”  You might even see someone sport a tie. Or maybe a tie with some Chuck Taylors'.  The point is, please don’t let your wardrobe keep you from joining us. Be yourself. 

What About My Kids?

We LOVE Kids!  Kids are a very important part of our ministry at Our Savior.  From our FaithQuest Program between worship services to our Family Teaching Time during the service, we are committed to making our church a place where kids are treasured and taught. Feel free to bring a snack for your child or grab a “busy bag” from an usher on the way into the church.  Still nervous your child might be too loud?  Pastor Randall has 6 children, he'll understand. And if someone looks at you during the service?  It’s probably because your kids are cute. 

If you wish, we also provide a staffed nursery for children 4 and under during our 10:30 service. If you attend the 8:30 service and your child is having a hard time during the service please feel free to take them into the nursery to regroup. There is a speaker in the room so you can still hear the sermon. When they are settled bring them back into the service. Whether self-serve or staffed, please feel free to use the nursery for part or all of the service to meet your family’s needs.

Can I take communion?

The Lord's Supper is the precious gift of our Lord's own Body and Blood given to us with the bread and the wine for the forgiveness of our sins. This meal both strengthens and declares our unity in Christ. Because it is possible to eat and drink this meal to one's own harm (see 1 Cor 11:17-34), we ask that those not previously instructed in the teaching of the Supper according to the understanding of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod please speak with a pastor before sharing in the Lord's Supper.

How do I get connected?

The best way to get to know people is to get involved! Join us as we serve others and share Jesus!  Volunteer to help with an event, serve during service, attend a Bible study, or talk to a pastor.  You are welcome here.  We can’t wait to get to know you!

Where do I park?

As long as you are between two yellow lines, you are fine. There are two lots, an upper and a lower. If you want easy access to the church, use the upstairs parking lot.  f you are looking for the preschool or FaithQuest area, use the lower lot.  (NOTE: During the summer, our late service meets in our air-conditioned Community Room on the lower level.)