Bible in a Year

Join us on a journey through the whole bible! 

During the 2018-2019 school year and the following summer we will preach and teach through the highlights of the entire biblical story from Gensis to Revelation.  You will also have the opportunity to read the whole bible and discuss what you learn and how you are growing with others.


How this Works

Starting September 9 (2018) there will be weekly sermons supported by weekly, video based bible studies for adults and youth.  A bible reading guide and other resources are also avaialbe to deepen the experience.  

The journey is broken down into seven units.  Between each unit there will be opportunity to meet with others to discuss insghts and growth experience.


Bible Reading Plan (Read the whole bible in just over a year)

Community Life Groups  (meet between each unit for discussion and community building)  Sign Up Here

Bible Project Videos (Videos giving background to books of the bible and more)

Bible Handbook for Students (Maps, pictures, timelines, dictionary of terms overview of each book of the bible; Loads of helpful information to help you understand the cultural, historical and geographical settings for the books of the bible.)



Unit 1: The God Who Creates (Genesis)

09/09   God Creates

09/16   Man Sins

09/23   God Makes a Covenant with Abraham

09/30   God Tests Abraham  (No bible study)

10/07   God Works through a Dysfunctional Family

10/14   God Gives Jacob a New Name

10/21   God Redeems Joseph’s Adversity

Unit 2: A Wandering People (Exodus-Judges)

10/28   God Hears His People

11/04   God Delivers His People

11/11   God Establishes the Worship of His People

11/18   God’s People Rebel

11/25   God Gives His People the Promised Land

12/2     The Early Judges

12/9     The Later Judges

Unit 3: Longing for a King (1 Samuel-1 Kings)

12/16   God’s People Demand a King

12/23   God Chooses a New King)

12/30   God Makes a Covenant with David (No Bible Study)

01/6     David Sins and Is Restored

01/13   God Gives Solomon Wisdom

01/20   The Temple is Built

01/27   Solomon’s Foolishness Divides the Kingdom

Unit 4: The Coming Rescue (Hosea-Malachi)

02/03   God’s Faithful Love

02/10   God’s Continued Pursuit

02/17   God’s Uncompromising Judgment

02/24   God’s Enduring Hope/God’s Continued Strength

03/03   God’s Promised Restoration/ God’s Eternal Plan

03/10    God's Promised Restoration/God's Eternal Plan

Unit 5: God With Us (The Gospels)

03/17   The Birth of Jesus

03/24  The Preparation of Jesus

03/31   The Miracles of Jesus

04/07   The Teachings of Jesus

04/14   The Crucifixion of Jesus

04/21   The Resurrection of Jesus (No Bible Study)

04/28   The Commission of Jesus

Unit 6: The Kingdom on Earth (Acts-Revelation)

05/05   The Spirit Comes

05/12   The Church is Scattered

05/19   The Gospel Expands

05/26   Saul Is Saved

06/02   The Mission Is Embraced

06/09   The Gospel Is Clarified

06/16   The King Returns