I work at OSL in the Church Secretary position.  The tasks are diverse, and there are many opportunities to interact with different people.

My husband Chuck and I were married in 2009. We love raising Adam, an inquisitive and gregarious boy, who keeps us on our toes with his unique view of the world. Chuck has 2 daughters, Kate and Tori,  who work and live in L.A, and we look forward to reunions with the whole family! Chuck and I both enjoy praising God through music, especially at our Saturday service. I love to be with my family and friends, singing, swimming, jogging- finding interesting places to explore, reading and having good conversations.

In 2011, with my husband’s encouragement, (for which I am SO grateful), I gave up working in the corporate world after 21 years, to work at OSL. This enables me to spend more time with Adam, and be closer to home. I speak with, see and work with interesting people. Every day is something new, with more opportunities to grow, learn and help. I feel like I am living and contributing something meaningful to others, not just whizzing through life in a hectic dash.