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December Christmas Eve and Pictures of Hope

Christmas Eve: The Light Shines in the Darkness.

November 27  Reconciliation

December 4  A Righteous King

December 11 Restoration

December 18  A Child

November 2016

November 27 (Pictures of Hope Series.  Excerpts from the Prophet Isaiah.)  Reconciliation.  Isaiah 2:1-5

November 20 (The King)  This is not good recording quality--but for what it is worth:

November 13  (Hope. Not Fear)

November 6 (OSL Summit)

A Shared Journey

October Sermons

October 2  How Long?

October 9 

October 16   From Infancy

October 23   Fight the Good Fight

October 30    The Eternal Gospel

September Sermons


September 25 Contentment

September 18 You Cannot Serve Two Masters

September 11: Welcoming Sinners